This unit is designed to expand and broaden students’ knowledge and understanding in preparing Cafe style foods. It is also an opportunity for them to experience a variety of skills in a safe and good equipped kitchen.

    Unit Topics

    Students will plan, prepare and evaluate a variety of Cafe style dishes to suit a range or purposes.Topics may include:

    • Breads
    • Pastry’s
    • Cakes
    • Coffee making
    • Health and Safety

    Skill Development

    The students will be developing in preparation, presenting and time management.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Weekly evaluations, designing, creating a meal to suit the design.


    Possible excursion.

    Career Options

    The study of Food in Cafe leads to opportunities across all facets of the hospitality field, including kitchen hand, waiter, cook. Further study can lead to specialisation in areas such as chef, pastry cook, baker, maitre d, barista and caterer.

    Year 10