In Board Games, students develop and design their own card and board games from the ground up to learn key skills such as probability, graphic design and instructional writing.

    Students will analyse existing games to learn about mechanics, themes and probability before moving on to develop their own games. Students will be encouraged to learn a range of writing and statistical skills in a more unconventional and entertaining class environment.

    Students will have the opportunity to use rapid prototyping technology such as 3D Printers and laser cutter to make game components. 

    Skill Development

    The course focuses on improving student understanding of:

    • Game design and instructional writing
    • Visual design
    • Statistics and Probability
    • History of gaming
    • Why we play games

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Written game analysis
    • Statistical analysis of dice rolls and probability
    • Social history of gaming
    • Redesign of existing game
    • Design and produce brand new game


    Design Process, exploring game design and producing game prototypes.

    Career Options

    Game designer, Graphic artist, Instructional writer, Editor, Statistician.

    Year 9