Students undertake a course that provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of important concepts in Biology. The core of study will be related to cells, the levels of organisation in living things, genetics, and selected cellular processes. Students will be expected to learn the theory behind these areas in order that they have a high level of scientific literacy and are adequately prepared for future VCE studies. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in numerous practical tasks.

    Unit Topics

    • Basic cellular function and structure
    • Tissues, organs and systems
    • Genetics
    • Protein synthesis
    • Patterns of inheritance
    • Mitosis and meiosis
    • Immunology

    Skill Development

    • Problem solving
    • Analyse and evaluate data, methods and scientific models
    • Plan and undertake investigations
    • Ethical capabilities
    • Communicate and explain scientific ideas
    • Conduct investigations to collect and record data

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Research reports
    • Models
    • Presentations
    • Dissections
    • Practical investigations


    Opportunity to visit GTAC (Genetic Technology Access Centre) and practical investigations.

    Career Options

    Biology leads to a wide range of careers including (but not limited to) medical field, agriculture, forensic science, bio technology, gene technology, geology, zoology, food technology, microbiology, conservation scientist, nutritionist, education, genetic counsellor, research.

    Year 10