Australian and Global Politics is the study of contemporary power at both national and global levels. Through this study, students explore, explain, analyse and evaluate national and global political issues, and events. Australian Politics is the study of how power is gained and exercised. It considers the significant ideas about organising political systems and features of the way politics is practised in Australia. It evaluates Australian democratic practices against particular ideas and principles that include representation, respect for rights, recognition of diversity and freedom of speech. Australian Politics compares Australian democracy with the system of democracy of the United States of America. The study also examines the ways that the national government uses its power to make and implement public policy, and the national stakeholders and international challenges that influence that policy.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1: Ideas, actors and power 

    • Area of Study 1 Power and ideas
    • Area of Study 2 Political actors and power

    Unit 2: Global connections 

    • Area of Study 1: Global links
    • Area of Study 2: Global cooperation and conflict

    Skill Development

    • understand and apply fundamental political concepts
    • understand the nature of contemporary politics and power in national and global contexts
    • critically examine the characteristics and features of Australian democracy
    • analyse factors that shape the formulation and implementation of domestic and foreign policy Introduction VCE Australian and Global Politics 2018–2023 6
    • analyse global issues and challenges, and the key actors that influence these
    • evaluate the effectiveness of responses to global crises
    • develop skills of logical and rational analysis, synthesis and argument.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • a social media campaign
    • case study
    • essay
    • extended response questions
    • an oral presentation such as a podcast or video
    • short answer questions

    Career Options

    Lawyer, Politician, Government positions, Journalist

    Year 11 & 12