Year 9 Art encourages students to explore new mediums and create mixed media artworks. Students explore what artists inspire them and create original artworks. They consolidate and build upon skills and knowledge acquired in earlier years. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal style of creative expression through following a design process in a sketchbook.

    This elective can provide a pathway to further Art studies in VCE Art Making and Exhibiting.

    Unit Topics

    In the practical components of this unit students will:

    • be introduced to and experiment with a variety of mediums and formats
    • develop skills in basic drawing and design
    • gain an understanding of how to express their own ideas
    • work through the art making process

    Skill Development

    Students will develop practical skills in the creation of artworks in a variety of mediums and formats. Students will also develop research skills while gaining an understanding of art history and art theory.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Tonal Portrait studies in Acrylic paint
    • Art analysis
    • Water colour painting
    • Personal inspired Canvas Painting
    • Student sketchbook/folio


    Students will be involved with exhibitions at school and within the community. School murals and workshops during Arts week.

    Career Options

    Painting, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Photography, Sculpting, Exhibition Design, Street Art, Illustrator, Teaching, Curating, Animator

    Year 9