In VCE Art Making and Exhibiting introduces students to the methods used to make Artworks and how Artworks are presented and exhibited. They use inquiry learning to explore, develop and refine the use of material techniques and processes and to develop their understanding of the ways Artworks are made.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – Explore, expand and investigate

    Unit 2 – Understand, develop and resolve

    Unit 3 – Collect, extend and connect

    Unit 4 – Consolidate, present and conserve

    Skill Development

    • Students will develop and apply technical skills when using materials and techniques in art making in specific art forms.
    • They will progressively document the development of art making in a Visual Arts journal and develop subject matter and use visual language to communicate ideas in at least one finished artwork.
    • Students will use visual language and art terminology to reflect on and document art making using the art elements and art principles.
    • They will explore and discuss the contexts of a range of Australian artists and their artworks and discuss the ways in which artworks from different contexts are exhibited in a thematic exhibition.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Folio development and submission
    • Art Analysis assignments and exams
    • Production of Artworks
    • Research and plan an exhibition of Artworks


    Students will attend an excursion to Top Arts and Top Designs. They will also attend excursions to various galleries.

    Career Options

    Artist, Curator, Photographer, Designer, Conservator, Multi media, Photographic Journalist, Art Teacher, Commercial Artist, Aerial Photographer, Photo Editor, Sports Photographer, Digital Asset Manager, Studio Lighting Assistant, Science Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Fine Art Photographer.

    Year 11 & 12