Student welfare and behaviour

Our aim is to create a climate that will be tolerant, safe, supportive and friendly, which will enable all members of our College community to learn and experience success. Students are supported by a team of Year Level Coordinators who are led by the Junior and Senior School Leaders.

Student behaviour management

All students are expected to adhere to the Leongatha Secondary College Values based upon Respect, Life Long Learning and Doing Our Best. Teachers may negotiate individual classroom expectations for their classes or specialist spaces.

The basis of all classroom expectations are as follows:

  •  All behaviour is purposeful.
  • Students are here to learn.
  • No one has the right to make learning more difficult for others.
  • Staff and Students should be responsible for their actions in terms of admitting fault and being willing to repair damage / make amends.

The Student Behaviour Management System is based upon restorative practices and is used to give students time out to reflect on their behaviour. It has been designed to allow teaching and learning to take place without interruption or interference by a student who is not engaged.