Squirrel playing trumpet

SGSMP is an ensemble based program with group instrumental lessons to develop technique, music reading skills and Concert Band/Guitar Ensemble/Choir repertoire. Students who elect to undertake music as part of their VCE studies have individual lessons.

For all interested families, below a message from our Music Coordinator Justin Abicare regarding the 2021 South Gippsland Music Program (SGSMP):

Learning an instrument can enrich your child’s life in so many ways. Whether it’s the academic benefits, self-expression, creative outlet, self-regulation, teamwork or just having a great time making music, instrumental music is for everyone. No experience is required. All students are musical and I would welcome as many students as possible to our music family here at LSC.

Please watch this 10 minute SGSMP Information Video to see what we get up to in the South Gippsland Schools Music Program.

If you’re interested in joining our program, we would love you to join us! Please complete the forms below and return to our general office.