Becoming a part of the senior school is the time when students start to consider their future and select a program that will enable them to achieve their goals. It is important that students choose subjects that they are good at.

  • That they enjoy and that lead to an appealing employment pathway or that prepares them for further study at TAFE or University. Remember to consult widely for advice and assistance.
  • A program consists of the units (subjects) you select to study over three or more years. Your program needs to be chosen carefully.
  • It is your pathway to future study and employment
  • Many universities/TAFE/ Independent Providers require you to pass certain VCE units (prerequisites) to enter particular courses
  • It is your responsibility to check this requirement. Other considerations in developing a program include the existence of bonus points for entry to some tertiary and TAFE institutions. An example of this is LOTE which offers an opportunity to obtain bonus points for tertiary entrance. Careers advisors and year level coordinators will help students to check the possibilities.
  • Every effort will be made to run all the units offered but the college can give no guarantees. We will also make every effort to encourage students to select the most suitable program available for their career aspirations. However, students wishing to go on to further study, or into a specific career, should consult the relevant institution or organisation handbooks, and VTAC/TAFE guides, to ensure that they have selected the correct units as prerequisites for entry into proposed future courses or careers.