1. List your present career aspirations as noted in your Pathway Program.
  2. Use the Job Guide, website, or Careers Room resources to identify the courses and training required to qualify for these occupations.
  3. Classify the courses into their field of study e.g. Primary Teaching is in the category Education.
  4. Refer to the general guidelines on the following pages showing the range of prerequisites needed for courses in their fields of study and/or check for specific prerequisites.
  5. If you are unsure of where your Program will lead, a useful tool can be found on the VTAC website,, called Courselink. Access the student version of course link. Use your VASS student number and PIN. 4 digits of your D.O.B. Choose Course Search. Focus your search by selecting the fields of study you are interested in and where you would like to study. Look at the list of courses to see your options. Save the search. Adjust the program by adding and removing studies, and compare your options with the saved search.

By Year 10, young people begin to focus more clearly on areas of particular interest to them and have some thoughts about where they may be heading after they finish school. This often involves testing ideas and getting a taste of the world outside the classroom. It is also a time when they concentrate on areas of learning where they know they are doing well. They focus on making sure that a number of areas of learning are well established as they weigh up their pathway options into Years 11 and 12 or the world of work.

These years are also about the balance of school, home, part-time work, sport and/or community activities, friendships and plans. In Year 10, students have the option of undertaking VCE units or commencing a VET program. Others may decide to wait and start the VCE or VET studies in Year 11.

By the end of Year 10, students are clearer about the pathway they wish to take in the VCE or the VCAL. They move into the senior secondary stages of schooling confident that they have the range of skills required for success. Vertical and extension studies, including university extensions are also available.