Senior Leadership Day -Jamin Heppell

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During our first week back at school, our Year 11 & 12 classes was given the opportunity to listen to renowned leadership public speaker Jamin Heppell on how to succeed in not only this year, but in life. He spoke of building drive, resilience and how to move through life with integrity. He shared personal experiences to demonstrate the dynamic nature of life and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. 

Throughout the day Jamin shared how his life has changed and gone from living within societal norms to living a life most people only dream about. This day at Cape Paterson allowed students to understand the challenges that they are going to face throughout their lives while also understanding the best ways to learn from them. The day left the students reconsidering their options after school and how to get the most out of their life.

Students left the Cape Paterson Surf Life Saving Club feeling inspired and confident that they will find their unique path through life. Jamin’s wise words and activities helped students from both schools gain a better sense of how to tackle the forthcoming challenges of their final year of highschool. The students will reflect upon this day for years to come, and use Jamin’s advice to discover what is of true value to them.

LSC School Leaders

Chloe Goff, Chloe Stoops and Lily Hume