Groups of enthusiastic Grade 6 students competed against each other in timed science experiments during the 2022 LSC Science Olympics. Organised by Mr McPherson and run by Mr Bovill, Mr Gracie, Mr Borg and Julie Jacobs, the event is always a highlight of the year. Science Olympics ran over two days with more than 90 students participating. 

Volunteer Year 9 Peer Support Leaders had the opportunity to meet those students they will be mentoring in Year 7 next year. All Year 9s did an outstanding job hosting the events.

There were many great activities including levitating some Mylar film using electrostatics through an obstacle course, bending LASER light using Jelly, putting out candles with air vortices, using forensics science to discover who stole the cake, match powered rockets, some colourful chemistry and much more.

Students enjoyed a BBQ lunch and placings were announced in the afternoon. Congratulations to the winners!

First prize was an air cannon (Air Zooka)

Second prize was a fun fly stick – used to levitate mylar film.

Third prize was a tensegrity kit.

They also received a certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.