School for Student Leadership (SfSL)


They’re back….!

This week we welcome the return of the students who attended the School for Student Leadership (SfSL) at Gnurad-Gundidj in South-West Victoria.

Brandyn, Tim, Izzy, Farrah and Sari all recently met with the Principals and Coordination Team to discuss what they learned from their amazing experience and all of the opportunities that were afforded to them during their time away at the campus during this Term.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the space between C and D Block next year, where they will be working on undertaking and completing their Community Learning Project that they planned as part of their SfSL experience.

We’re looking forward to seeing the shared space take shape.

From early next year we’ll be selecting 6 individuals from Year 9 to undertake a similar experience at the School for Student Leadership in Term 3.

Space to be improved by the group between C and D Block