Work Experience

Work experience involves secondary school students in short-term industry placements, with “host” employers, that broaden their experience and understanding of the world of work and career opportunities in general. Students observe different aspects of work within the industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor. Work experience is not the same as structured workplace learning, which allows students to acquire skills and knowledge in an industry setting as part of a vocational training program.

At Leongatha Secondary College students are expected to undertake a placement as part of their year 10 program. This usually happens early in term 3. Students can also negotiate a second week but we usually recommend these are undertaken during the term breaks but this is negotiable.

Employers give up their time to organise proposed activities for each day and identify the people who will supervise the young person at different times. The employers are both locally based and come from further afield. A number of our students obtain employment due to being able to show prospective employers some of their skills.

Leongatha Secondary College would like to acknowledge and thank the employers for taking our students and giving up their valuable time to give these young people an experience of the work place.

Information for Parents and Students

Work experience has enormous benefits for students. It broadens their understanding of the workplace and widens their perspective of career opportunities. While on work experience, students will be able to see and experience many aspects of the workplace, gathering information which will help them do tasks set by the school.

Students must be aware that they are representing their school while on work experience, and that school policies and codes of conduct apply at all times.

Students should also be aware that some workplaces use sensitive information that needs to remain private and confidential. Naturally, the use of any workplace equipment, such as the Internet, for purposes other than work is strictly forbidden.

The education department has important information for parents and employers regarding work experience.

Occupational Health and Safety

Students must do school-based training in occupational health and safety before starting work experience. Employers must provide students with training and instruction in respect to occupational health and safety. This training should relate to the tasks to be done by the student during the placement.