Structured workplace learning

Structured workplace learning involves students in structured on the job training during which they are expected to master a designated set of skills and competencies related to courses accredited by the Victorian Qualifications Authority. These courses are generally Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs undertaken by Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) students.

Structured workplace learning is not the same as work experience. Structured workplace learning is about doing. During the work placement a student will have specific tasks to undertake in order to demonstrate “competence” within the VET certificate. The “competencies” may be assessed in the workplace, at TAFE or at school.

At Leongatha Secondary College students are expected to undertake a placement as part of their VCAL program or may be part of their VET study. It is strongly advised that the placement is relevant to their VET study but students can negotiate alternate placements. The placements can be done in blocks or one day a week, this is negotiable.

Information for Parents and Students

Structured Workplace Learning has enormous benefits for students. It broadens their understanding of the workplace, and widens their perspective of career opportunities. Students are able to demonstrate skills and competencies related to their accredited program, undertake relevant courses, which count towards their senior school certificate, articulate into further education and training and try out career choices before leaving school.

Students need be aware that they are representing their school while on Structured Workplace Learning and must continue to observe school policies and codes of conduct.

Students should also be aware that some workplaces use sensitive information that needs to remain private and confidential. Naturally, the use of any workplace equipment, such as the Internet, for purposes other than work is strictly forbidden.

The education department has important information for parents and employers regarding work placements.

Occupational Health and Safety

Students are required to undertake accredited training in occupational health and safety before they commence structured workplace learning.

Employers are required to provide students with appropriate training and instruction in respect to occupational health and safety. This training should relate to the tasks to be undertaken by the student during the placement.