Melbourne and Monash University extension

Both Melbourne and Monash University provide university level studies to exceptional students who are concurrently undertaking their final year of VCE studies. The key feature of the program will be the opportunity for the most able secondary school students to interact with university staff.

It is this interaction which will provide the intellectual stimuli to exceptional students and will assist them to maximise their learning experience during their final year at school. The university staff work with school staff in teaching the tertiary level subjects.

Very able students need to have an enriched academic program to challenge them. Schools have many methods of providing this enrichment, but for some students it seems appropriate to allow them to continue their progress in academic development by undertaking some tertiary study simultaneously with their VCE teachers. The Extension Studies Programs have been designed to meet this need.

Selection can only be as a sixth 3/4 equivalent. Students are expected to have completed the appropriate Unit 3-4 sequence prior to entering the program and successful completion is included in your ATAR score.

Students have previously selected studies from:

  • Japanese
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Computing & Information Technology

Many others are available to select from. Full university fees are payable. Further information is available from the VCE coordination team or the careers staff.