Advance SES

The Year 9 Advance Program is funded by the Victorian Program for Youth Development. The Program at our school is run in close association with the Leongatha State Emergency Services. The program introduces our students to this volunteer community organisation and allows them to experience some of the practical training. They are made aware of the importance of the SES in our community and experience some of the training required to be a Volunteer SES member.

The course includes a 5 day camp that is aimed to reinforce student lead decision making and give students the opportunity to challenge themselves mentally and physically. The camp currently is based on 5 days of sea kayaking in the Gippsland Lakes.

The program revolves strongly around team work, personal challenges (mental and physical), and promotes the positive relationships between young people, supportive adults and the broader community.

“The essential elements of Advance are that young people DO something with their community, they do it in PARTNERSHIP with a community organisation and that it includes young people’s CHOICE.”

– The Advance Handbook for Government Schools.