Presentation – The Resilience Project

Resilience Project

Together with several schools across South Gippsland, LSC has partnered with the Victorian State Government and The Resilience Project to provide our community with an emotionally engaging program that is evidence-based and shares practical wellbeing strategies to build resilience. All of our LSC students and staff will be engaging in workshops across the week of 6th – 10th March.

As parents/carers you are invited on Wednesday 8th of March at 6.30pm to a free workshop in the PAC. Details for registration are in the attached flyer. Please note tickets and can be booked via this link

Why a Community, Parent & Carer presentation?

When building positive mental health in schools, we know the best impact happens when we work together.

The ‘Discovering Resilience’ presentation helps do just that by sharing those same evidence-based strategies being taught in the classroom, so they can be also practised at home and beyond. Attendees will also be reminded of the importance of their own wellbeing – we bring the best versions of ourselves to our family and community, when we make time to look after ourselves.

If you would like to learn more about The Resilience Project, please visit their site