LSC Athletics


It was great to run our athletics carnival given that we had to cancel it in 2020. We had a stunning day with a top temperature of 28 degrees. A little hot, but otherwise an excellent day for running the aths. Our students were very keen and enthusiastic and performed well throughout the day. 
Kindyerra were the overall winners on the day only by 1 point! 
Kindyerra:                   607
Mittyak:                      606
Mundara:                    604
Joatoba:                      580

Congratulations to the following students who won Age champions on the day:
13yr     Female Champion:      Shari Harris     Runner Up:                  Alyssa Edwards
13yr     Male Champion:         Angus Livingston     Runner Up:                  Jai Brocklebank
14yr     Female Champion:      Melissa Diggerman      Runner Up:                  Lara Gill
14yr     Male Champion:         Hayden Bowler     Runner Up:                  Eli Pitts
15yr     Female Champion:      Sienna Cruickshank     Runner Up:                  Poppy Stewart
16yr     Female Champion:      Katelyn Harris     Runner Up:                  Hannah Kleeven
17yr     Female Champion:      Alice Reid     Runner Up:                  Kate Caughey
17yr     Male Champion:         Lucas Vanderzalm     Runner Up:                  Eddie Colwill and Raj Lamers
20yr     Female Champion:      Sarah Doolan            Runner Up:                  Evie Bath
20yr     Male Champion:         Harrison Bell           Runner Up:                  Aaron Lopez Freeman