Introducing Headspace groups


Headspace is super excited to introduce all of our ‘NEW’ headspace Groups! Here’s a little information about each group:

  • artspace (a group for young people who like to express their creativity through art or are interested to give art a go!  They will be trying collaging, painting and mindfulness-based crafts)
  • building healthy habits (a group for young people to develop skills for managing life’s ups and downs so that they can live their best life! They will learn how to increase their resilience and identify their own unique coping strategies in a safe and supportive environment)
  • games group (for like-minded young people that enjoy connecting through gaming, to make some new friends and who need some WINS in life, or just love gaming!)
  • LGBTIQA+ (a free, safe and supportive space for young LGBTIQA+ people to connect with their queer peers.  There is 3 age groups, 12-15, 16-18 and 19+)

Please see attached information brochures for more details.