Inspirational Advice from LSC DUX


The VCE and the VCE VM students had the opportunity to have a former VCE student, and the DUX of 2021, Phil Smith come and share his advice and encouragement on how to conquer the last few weeks of Year 12.

Phil revealed the techniques and methods that he used back in 2021, and currently in University, to assist all Year 12 students in their studying and help them stay motivated for this final stretch.

He provided advice on how best to approach exams and what VCE students need to start doing to best prepare themselves for the end of the year. Whilst also sharing his wisdom on VCE, Phil encouraged the Year 12 students to take time for themselves and enjoy the last minutes that they have as a cohort, before this 13 year long unique experience concludes.

Article by School Leaders Lily Hume and Chloe Goff