Written by Alice Reid

On Monday the 21st of October the year 9 ADVANCE class travelled to the Angusvale Campgrounds as a starting point for our 5 day white water rafting camp.
Each day we paddled approximately 8 to10 km. We had to carry all of our belongings in the raft and were responsible for packing and unpacking morning and night.
Students split into 3 groups and were allocated different roles each day; cooking, leadership and camping. 
One of the most memorable highlights of the camp was the toilet ‘experience’,  as there wasn’t actually a toilet.
Coming together as a class, working together, supporting each other through challenging times and making the week the best it could possibly be, also contributed to the highlights. We all got along really well and helped each other in any way possible to get the job done. 
We all learnt many things we didn’t know about each other and everyone else around us. We learnt about how the river flows, the depth of the water and how it can affect how we travel down the river. We now all know how to secure our belongings on a raft so they won’t  fall out and sink, something that was valuable on the camp, but also something we can use in future.
Overall, the camp was a success and we are all so happy that we went and were able to experience a new activity in an amazing natural location (Mitchell River National Park). 

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