Year 9 Get a Taste of the City


Last week LSC Year 9 students travelled to the CBD to experience the city first hand and all it has to offer. LSC Journalists; Angus Clark, Malik Phillips, Lani Bellingham and Ruby Box reflected on the experience. 



We arrived at Melbourne being greeted by huge skyscrapers and an overwhelming amount of people. We had lunch in the Southern Cross food courts, got to our hotels and settled into our rooms with ease. The teachers rounded us up and set us off into the city, doing our very own Amazing Race, we had challenges that tasked us with talking to strangers about Leongatha, singing to the public, finding objects, posing as mannequins, going to places and talking with statues. The winners got a prize at the end of the race and when the results are tallied. Then once that was done we had dinner at Crown. The food was nice and well presented. Our evening activities followed after. Once we ate, Year 9 split into two groups, one having free time at Crown in the arcade and Laser Tag, the other group going to MSAC swimming pool and having fun with the slides and the small indoor wave pool because it was too dark to use the outdoor one. All the groups returned to their hotels and had a good nights sleep.


Tuesday was a day of doing what we wanted to do (after going to the Shrine of Remembrance). After we had finished breakfast, we made our way to the Shrine of Remembrance. The shrine itself was a huge complex, with a grand (and rather long) walkway leading to it. It had marvelous statues, with perfect shaping and detail. Everything was in proportion of one another and well designed. Inside of the shrine was no different. It had soft stone carvings of the Navy, Air Corps, infantry and nurses, flags like the British Raj, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Deeper down, it was like an ancient museum filled with “artifacts” from another time. There were model tanks, aeroplanes, uniforms of the ANZAC, Ottoman Empire, British Empire, German Empire, French and Italian.

There were also busts of famous figures throughout the war(s), pictures of propaganda and posters, remnants of flags and weapons. After, the last major event was three hours of free time, in which we could do whatever we chose. From exploring the city, to relaxing in our hotel room.



This day was the snazziest day of the week, because of the activities that were involved during the day and the adventure we had at night. During the day we had various activities such as some group activities, the activities were go to Bounce, Rock Climbing or get a good look at Melbourne’s graffiti tours. All the groups say they enjoyed themselves with their activities. But what made the day was the night we had later that day, we had an op shop formal night where all the students and teachers dressed up in fancy op shop clothing. We even had a little catwalk show going on where some students showed off their get ups. Students also had the opportunity to buy some Gelati after dinner.  



Thursday was perhaps the most activity orientated day of the whole camp. Our activity ran from the morning till mid-afternoon. Some of us went to Etihad Stadium, Melbourne Star and ice skating, others went to the Docklands and went to DFO and the ArtVo whereas another group went to Eureka Skydeck and SYN FM. All of them were fantastic. We were exposed to some of the most popular places within Melbourne and were able to experience them for ourselves. As one of the groups were walking back to catch a tram to their hotel, there was a protest in progress at the front of the State Library. It was called United Voice and they were protesting against the lack of fairness when it comes to equal pay amongst the sexes. 

There were cameras, police, and one elderly looking woman who seemed to be the leader of the group was being interviewed on camera.


Friday was perhaps the cruisiest day of the whole camp. Not only because it was only a half day but because we finished off with a relaxing, memorable visit to the Queen Victoria Market. There was so much to look at, from simple books and diaries to big brand clothing (at half the price it would normally be) and shoes etc. Most of us went home happy with a selection of items from the market.

Thanks to Ms Boddy for organising the camp and to all of the teachers who accompanied us over the five days.


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