VCE History Roadshow – Hannah Box


Year 11 and 12 history and revolutions students at LSC were delighted to attend the History Councils of Victoria’s History Roadshow last Friday, 28th July. This is the second year in row that students have been given the valuable opportunity to experience lectures about their historical studies history from prominent history scholars.

The History Roadshow is a free program of presentations tailored to regional Victorian students of History in Years 11 and 12. The program aims to provide VCE students with rich curriculum-related opportunities to engage with academic and professional historians.

Year 11 students, currently studying twentieth century history, were honoured to meet RMIT Professor Joseph Siracusa, who acts as a terrorism expert and global studies scholar. He talked with the year 11’s about their studies on the Civil Rights Movement, drawing from this early life in the United States, and the Cold War. This provided an alternative interpretation of the events that have largely shaped the twenty first century.

Year 11 Student Kayla Redpath commented that it was “interesting to hear how his life experience had affected his view on history. I really enjoyed seeing and understanding different perspectives on history.”

Similarly, year 12 students, who are studying the French and Russian Revolutions, were given informative and engaging lectures by two specialists in each area. French Revolution expert Professor Peter McPhee, from the University of Melbourne, has published numerous books on the French Revolution. His presentation was a compact, yet captivating recount of the events of the French Revolution that provided a new perspective on the much debated causes and consequences of the revolution. Russian Revolution expert, Yana Ostenpenko, from RMIT, also gave an intriguing presentation on the interpretation of different cartoons and political propaganda from the time that will be helpful for students in the final exam. 

Year 12 student Tea Clark added that “it was a great presentation. It really helped me engage with the subject and gain a better understanding of the content”

The VCE History Students would like to thank the HCV for taking the time to come to this part of Victoria to invest in the potential next generation of historians. The students would also liked to thank devoted history teacher, Mr Peach, for organising the event for the Leongatha Students.

By Hannah Box

Photos by Kayla Redpath and Josh Peach

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