On Tuesday 29th, two year 9 elective classes (ADVANCE and OUTDOOR ED) held the event of a tree planting day on a property in Kongwak. We went out to a paddock on a farm and met up with two Landcare workers, Lisa and Jye, who brought loads of saplings with them for us to plant. 

It was quite hot and there were some students that got a fright from two little snakes slither through paddocks. We worked hard but it was fun so we didn’t mind, there may have been some dirt thrown around, but hey, no one minded as we were having a great time.  We managed to plant an astonishing 1,000 trees! It didn’t feel like 1,000, but I guess many hands make light work. 

After we finished planting, we went to a park in Kongwak, to have a barbeque and take a small walk through the bush looking at the beautiful indigenous plants.  We learnt how some of these plants were used by Aboriginal people for food, rope and even contraception!

Tahlia Ebery Year 9

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