Toyama Tour – Universal Studios visit


After all of our traveling to reach Toyama our tour really began today with a visit to Universal Studios. We arrived early after a short train ride and breakfast in the dining room at the Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel. The weather was beautiful in Osaka today, and was much appreciated after the cold and rain we left behind in Leongatha.

Despite the seemingly huge crowds it was apparently not a particularly busy day for Universal Studios today and this meant that the waiting time for rides was reasonable. After many rides and a refreshing Butterbeer from Harry Potter World which was easily the best part of the day. We then journeyed back to the Shin-Osaka station to try a range of Japanese cuisine, from gyoza (dumplings) to omurice (rice omelette) and takoyaki (octopus dumplings) with a side of a Starbucks coffee.

It was a great day and when we returned we were eager for a hot bath and relaxation under an air conditioner.


Mr Chester, Mark Beattie, Gabi Singh


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