Here is the ill-fated tale from Liam Villasevil who creates a memorable anecdote from, what must have been – in parts, an unpleasant experience. Well done!
(An anecdote is a  short amusing/ interesting story about a real incident or person)

“Having a Blast”

Many years ago, this event happened at a Chinese restaurant in Phillip Island when I was about 5 years old. My mother, brother, grandmother and me were out celebrating a special time, it was my older brother’s birthday. The Chinese restaurant was, well, very Chinese themed with dark, wooden panels poorly hiding the walls behind and orange, paper lanterns faintly lighting the large room around. We were all sitting on a wooden, diner- style seat surrounding a matching table.

I can’t quite recall fully but I can imagine the food would have tasted amazing. Numerous dishes and unchewed noodles had been scoffed down my, soon to be sorry, throat. A selection of delicious foods were on offer- such as crumbed prawns and fried rice with villainously sneaky bits of egg (those fetal- flavoured freaks were, in my view, a literally excreted “meal” that I have never much liked). Now back to the story, having devoured all that delicious food and now at the point of throwing up, my stomach began to grumble and turn, with ill intent. At this point, the waitress brought out the cake, the most beautiful, wonderland of chocolate Freddo frogs. The cake itself was expertly designed to function as a jelly swimming pool, dazzling with the previously mentioned happy little frogs.

Then began the important annual song to mark the special birthday occasion, my joyful brother smiling widely, with no sign of stopping. As we struck the second or last verse of that merry singing, my stomach was unable to  contain itself any longer. It detonated, like a huge water cannon filled with noodles. The vomit spraying all over,  immediately annihilating the edibility of half of the birthday cake. My brother sat mortified as the last, small crackles of enjoyment went out with one big BLAST.

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