Will Hibberson writes about his journey to recently securing a school based apprenticeship with Riseley’s in Leongatha. 
A job – more study – an apprenticeship – why not do it all? There are different ways to approach your future that school can support you with finding out about. Read year 10 student Will Hibberson’s inspiring story where he shows initiative and courage in first approaching his employer, Riseley’s and how, by working to high personal standards, he has now become a valued employee there. 

How did you first become interested in this area of work?
From a young age, I was often in and around trucks with my father and uncle and have good memories of this. Sometimes Dad would come home late and he would sit us up in his truck and show us around it. A couple of years ago, I spent a week with my uncle trucking. He taught me how to do his job and from then on, I knew it was definitely something I would love doing when I’m older. It was a cool feeling driving through the main street of Bairnsdale, with the window down, hearing the motor raw. It’s a head turner for sure, “diesel runs in my veins!” Driving trucks is what I’ve always wanted to do since I could remember and is a dream I’m chasing. Truck on!

How did you make contact with Riseley for the first time?
I had trouble trying to get a job, I dropped my resume off all around Leongatha but then decided to stop at Riseley’s. I hesitated on the idea because I was so nervous but it didn’t stop me. I didn’t know anyone at Riseley’s at the time, yet I still went in on my own terms and gave it a shot. I walked in with my resume and introduced myself to a lady in the office called Meg, she was very nice to me and gave me a business card. A few days later, I then contacted Trevor Riseley the boss of the company. We worked out a date for an interview, and from that day he took me onboard. I was so grateful and pleased that I had a job that I would enjoy and could lead to a future career. I started off slowly and built my way up, from polishing one truck for a couple weekends to washing trailers, more trucks and progressing with new skills and getting more knowledge of the industry. I always try my best to complete all of the work there to a very high standard. I gradually worked more and more and it led into holiday work as well as weekends and now weekdays.

How did you then get a school based apprenticeship organised?
 After working at Riseley’s for the last year I knew it was what I wanted to do so I looked into doing an apprenticeship. After talking this through with Mrs Goss at school, she helped me with the next steps by contacting Tanya from Headstart. This eventually resulted in a traineeship in “Transport and Logistics” being organised at Riseley’s, which I can complete at the same time as finishing school. I recommend Headstart for students of LSC who might be unsure and are reconsidering their final years of school as it is a good way to work at the same time as staying with friends at school and doing more study. 

What part of transport do you enjoy the most?   
What I enjoy most is going out in the trucks to different places and helping out loading and unloading and being taught new things  from the team at Riseley’s. I could spend hours on end polishing trucks. You can’t put a price on the shine. Earlier this year, I spent six hours washing and polishing a truck to enter in the Leongatha “Show and Shine”. My goal is to, one day, own or drive a Kenworth T909 truck. The people I look up to, in my life, tell me you’ll never work a day in your life if you’re doing what you love.

Finally, how are you planning to do TAFE work and keep up with your school work?
 At times I can struggle to keep up with school work, like some other students who want to be out now in the workforce. My plan is to focus on keeping up to date with my school work and to first finish my certificate 2 in Automotive as I know it will be worth it. I am going to smash out my school work in the private study classes, completing anything that needs doing. Next year, I will be taking certificate 3 in Transport and Logistics so there is more study to do yet.  My tip is “‘nothing’s impossible if you set your mind to it. Get out there and give it a go, whatever it might be.”

 For students interested in careers in transport, a school based apprenticeship is a great pathway while waiting to be old enough for your licence and endorsements. Well done Will!

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