Year 11 student, Liam Villasevil displays “resilience and a positive mindset” by transforming a, somewhat unfortunate, personal event into an engaging, short tale. This will feature very soon.

 So, what really is “resilience and a positive mindset”?

Well, it is NOT about trying constantly to be happy and strong each and every day, it is much more than that.

Did you know that…
1.     Negative thoughts are normal; they are not bad and can help us process the world around us.
2.     According to research and healthcare professionals, it is best to accept your negative emotions and process them in a healthy way by talking to friends/ family, through exercise, hobbies and sports. Sometimes we need help with this and can talk to school staff/ professionals.
3.    Thinking more positively opens your mind, allows choices and possibilities to appear. It makes individuals more resilient and cope better.
4.    This can come with practice. The brain is plastic and can be trained by ourselves to be emotionally resilient.

 Make a start today, when faced with a challenge or something unpleasant:
– Breathe deeply
– Try and catch yourself and what your mind is thinking
– Be an observer of your thoughts
– Keep your mind open to constructive ideas and thoughts for your day ahead

 Good luck!

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