Dux of 2019 – Maddie Brew
Throughout her school years, Maddie (by her own admission) found studying challenging and recognised she would need to work harder to get results and understand the content. Achieving dux was well beyond her expectations, her ATAR score of 94.75 exceeded her personal goal and also the score of 70 required to get into her desired course (Health, PE and Outdoor Ed teaching). Maddie’s interview here illustrates how the use of “effective learner traits”, effort and application created success. The second part of her interview will feature next week…
1.    What would you say to new students in year 7 who may be feeling overwhelmed about starting secondary school?
The first day or few weeks can often be the hardest, yet it is rarely as bad as you think. The staff and overall school community is extremely supportive, so don’t be afraid to approach coordinators, student leaders and classroom teachers for extra guidance.
2.    “I’m no good at this!”  “I thought I’d do better” – these type of thoughts are common for all students. What are your 3 top tips on this? 
–       Make sure you have an end goal to work towards – whether that be completing an assignment, getting a particular grade or ATAR score, getting work placement experience etc.
–       Learn from your mistakes rather than give up. Use them as an opportunity to improve and ask questions, get interested and gain support from peers and teachers.
–       Try not to adopt a self-defeating attitude, nor play the blame game – keep an open and positive mindset
3.    Which of the effective learner traits were the most challenging for you?
In my earlier years of school years 7-9,  I sometimes found it difficult to receive feedback on my work. Through developing a more positive mindset, I worked to ensure that I took feedback on board constructively and used it as an opportunity to improve.
4.     Which of the effective learner traits, do you think, were your strengths?
I have always been self-motivated through goal setting and understanding that I was the one who needed to take control over my learning. I did this through extra study, lectures and paid resources. The teachers are there to support and teach the curriculum, really the senior student needs to work on their own study techniques. Equally, organisation was one of my strengths through study timetables, to do lists and goal setting as this enabled me to stay on track and ensure all work was done on time and to a high standard.

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