SPARK is not just a minuscule, fiery particle thrown off from a fire  – it is much more than that…SPARK is Leongatha Secondary College’s new curriculum topic for years 7,8,9. 
Here students write about what they are getting out of SPARK so far…

What are you enjoying most about SPARK?
Luke Webster, Year 7
“As part of Emotional Literacy we learnt how about empathy and the importance of connecting with others. Being able to talk about relationships and other things without being awkward is sometimes hard for students. By being open about these things, it makes you realise that everyone has different issues they are dealing with and we can help each other. Also, no homework has been good so far!” 

Pallas Lamers, Year 8
“Over the first 7 weeks of having spark classes there have been a few highlights that  I have enjoyed and really taken into mind and consideration to improve on. One of the main categories that I enjoy in spark is how it really focuses on you and your future. Spark is a class that helps you learn and have a different perspective on school also ways that you can manage your school work and stay organised. Spark also really helps people have better knowledge on bullying and equality in the school and how you can prevent and/or help someone who may be facing these issues. I believe that introducing spark classes into LSC has really helped the school so far and will have a good outcome on the students.”

Louise Janssen, Year 9
“So far in Spark we’ve done a lot of things featuring character strengths. One of the main ones I enjoyed was the planning of the CATs ( course assessed tasks). We got given a plan structure we could use to properly understand any task we were given, and the expectations we should have about what we should be given and can then use when doing the task. I found it very useful, and the way it was given to us with the activities we did were very effective.”

What challenges does this subject pose and how are you overcoming them?
Poppy Stewart, Year 8
“Some challenges that I have faced during this subject so far are learning more about myself and what my future could hold. I found this challenging but interesting at first. I don’t exactly know what I want to do when I finish school and for my first job. Through SPARK, I’ve figured out you don’t really need to know but it helps to have a clear vision of what sort of person you want to be and dreams you want to accomplish. I have a dream of running in the Olympics in the 1500 metres, although I have a long time- it has always been a dream of mine and I’m going to keep on trying to pursue this. If this does not go to plan, I would love to be a PE teacher and teach children how to become better at sports and find their dreams. Most of all I want to be a kind and genuine person that accepts everybody for who they are. I want people to think of me as a leader and someone they can talk to if they need help or just a chat.” 

Louise Janssen Year 9
“The main challenge I’ve encountered in Spark is the cooperation and respectfulness of the class and team you work in. Because of the importance of group discussions in Spark, there needs to be high levels of cooperation and respectfulness that you don’t usually see. I find that most of the class, sometimes all the class, doesn’t get anywhere near these levels of cooperation. It can make discussions and class time quite difficult, and poses challenges when working in teams.”

Why do you think the school has introduced SPARK? 
Kye McMillan, Year 8
“I think the school has introduced SPARK as it helps to prepare us for jobs, careers and study in the future. It gives us particular skills that are not always explicitly taught and helps show us how to use initiative and to set goals. The school has tried to make it more relevant to us students by incorporating it into the curriculum of the school,  making it easier to remember and carry out.”

Johnny Yun, Year 9
“The school has introduced SPARK because it makes you think and keeps you motivated. SPARK also doesn’t make it too hard for anyone as it has things for all levels of learning.  SPARK is a great subject as it helps with you strengthen your team work skills. I absolutely love the subject! “

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