School Council Appointments 2019

Thank you to the Parents, Students, and Staff who nominated for School Council. The exact number of nominees matched our vacancies

Congratulations to:
Margaret Serafino        (DET)
Jack Allen                    (Student)
Dianne Brew                (Parent, renominated)
Stuart Smith                 (Parent, renominated)
Susan (Sue)  Ritchie    (Parent)
Peter Challis                 (Parent)

A massive thank you to our outgoing members:
Gabriel Windsor
Maree McFarlane
Jayne Scott
Jye Davey

Without our volunteers and community willing to support our school, we could not achieve the things we do.

Our next School Council Annual General Meeting will begin at 5.30pm with the 2018  School Council Members on the 20th of March the Principal to reside.
The new School Council for 2019 will begin at 6.00pm and positions will be elected.
Look forward to seeing you there.
Kind Regards,

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