Written by Reegan Kemp, year 11

Whilst there have been up and downs during this time of remote learning and each student’s experience has been different, it is great to see the respect shown by students in endeavouring to meet their learning goals and outcomes. Respect to all these students and those who are working hard to catch up! This month’s student feature will focus on some vivid memories of food, Reegan Kemp from year 11 writes about one of his favourite family traditions. Starting with brainstorming food memories, Reegan selected his idea and then started to draft his work. A key component was for students to include vivid sensory descriptions. 
Here Reegan writes —

“Easter, to me, means alot. All our cousins get together, from as far as the Gold coast, for these special holidays. We generally arrive at Nan’s place at noon on Easter Sunday and lunch is already served and waiting for us to dish up. Everyone is talking to one another, laughing around the kitchen, making jokes about how much we can and can’t eat, like “are you on a no eating diet or something? Jesus, eat up!” Lunch is usually beef, pork and turkey, with sides of veggies and gravy, which smells like joy, it really brings the drool from my mouth. 

After lunch, parents usually discuss “parent” stuff and us grandchildren usually head upstairs and play pool with each other. There’s no specific time for the hunt, basically when the parents are ready is when we do it (around 2 or 3pm). When they are ready, and have been out to hide the eggs in all sorts of funky places, they line us grandchildren up at the door, all 15 of us. This is done in order of our ages (I stand about the middle) and, on the count of three, they open the door for us to search!

Once the eggs have been collected, about twenty minutes later, we all head upstairs, with our bags full. We tip our bags into the middle of a circle and begin picking, egg by egg, so that everyone has an even share. This usually takes longer than the hunt itself! This is mainly because everyone is cheating and trying to find ways to snatch up the most eggs without anybody catching them out. It’s like a competitive game to us, even though we can never finish the whole bag of eggs to ourselves.

After we have an even share amongst us, the parents make their way downstairs. We trade the eggs as we all like different types of chocolate. The first egg is ALWAYS the best and tastes incredible, that great chocolate taste hits you and you can feel it smearing through the cracks, between your teeth. Once you get a feel for that, you can’t stop eating them. Weight isn’t an issue in our family so we can eat as many as we’d like and our metabolism takes it from there. For the rest of the afternoon, we basically hang out, eating all our eggs until we just about vomit and never want to eat chocolate ever again.”

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