Mr Anderson’s Year 11 Math Methods class has had a bit of a cultural exchange happening with two Year 11 students from Iloilo in the Philippines occasionally joining the class.
Students have been comparing the current lock down restrictions and school in general, in between some learning of mathematics.
A couple of jaw dropping moments for LSC students were to discover that the normal Phillipines school day goes from 7am till 5pm, 5 days a week. Also that they had their classes cancelled in mid March and at this stage can expect to be back at school in late August. In the meantime there’s no classes at all.
The girls have been in genuine lock down, not leaving their homes since March. Until recently, authorities would drive around every evening reminding everyone of the curfew.
The girls were also complaining about the hot, humid weather they’re experiencing (just as we head into winter).
They were also envious of the graphing calculators our students get to use for maths.
Hopefully we can continue to check in from time to time as we resume face to face teaching here in Australia.

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