LSC’s World’s Greatest Shave Day – Jye Davey

What a successful day, LSC’s World’s Greatest Shave Day was! We were very lucky to have such great weather to help entice the day along! From the day, LSC Staff & Students were able to raise a total of $746.55, which was a tremendous effort for everyone! This money was all added to our total fundraising amount which has reached over $7000 and counting! The most popular events for the day, by far, was Mr Borg’s leg waxing, but most importantly the shaving of our brave students who participated in the World’s Greatest Shave, 2018. Congratulations to you all on a fabulous effort!

A very big thank you to My Leongatha Beauty Care, for completing the waxing, but also to Naz Hunt and Amber Bell for being our Hairdresser’s for the event! Also a huge shout out to the Student Representative Council, for helping to ensure that the day ran smoothly!

To the school & the community, thank you for your support in the event. Any donations that were made are going to a great cause, and are truly appreciated!

Jye Davey
School Leader

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