Josh and Eden Focus on Courage and Community in the Legacy Public Speaking Competition


Two of our Year 8 students performed admirably in the recent Legacy Public Speaking Competition South Gippsland region. Held in Wonthaggi, both Eden Free and Joshua Wight presented a five minute prepared speech based on the ideals and values of Legacy Victoria.

Eden spoke of the individual courage of her great grandfather who was killed in World War One and the dedication of many individuals across the globe who have gone ‘that extra mile’ to provide comfort and support for others. Joshua’s presentation reflected on the importance of volunteering and embracing a community minded approach to living our lives, illustrating the impact of selfless acts on society as a whole.

The ten students participating in the competition were then each given five minutes to prepare a two minute impromptu speech on the topic, ‘Everyone should have a…’. Befitting of a high-quality field representing schools within the region, responses varied from the right to an education, freedom from slavery, a loving family, shelter to even having your own unicorn! In a close finish, Eden placed second in what judges agreed was a particularly impressive field of candidates.

The competition is open to students aged between 12-14 and provides a great opportunity for candidates to develop their public speaking skills and ability to make an impression on an audience. Legacy provides comfort and security to the widows of Australia’s deceased veterans and today, assists over 90,000 widows and 1900 children of Defence Force personnel who have given their lives or health as a result of their military service.

Thank you to Mr Brew who encouraged and supported the students participating in the event.

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  1. Zela Free on 23 July 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Well done Eden and Josh.

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