Year 10 student, Eden Free, attended a fundraising dinner for The Jane Goodall Foundation and The Thin Green Line Org earlier this week. 
There were 10 young people amongst the guests, five students in uniform from Melbourne Grammar School.
Eden attended and was introduced to organisers as a ‘Year 10 student from Leongatha Secondary College’.
Doctor Dame Jane Goodall is renowned for her work studying chimpanzee behaviour in Africa. There have been many documentaries and books about her work in this field and in more recent times Dr Goodall’s broader support for world environment and wildlife conservation in general.
The group focussed on Dr Goodall’s work and an Australian organisation called The Thin Green Line, which equips the rangers on the ground with essentials such as: first aide kits, tents, boots, mosquito nets, navigation equipment among many other things. Then Green Line protects the protectors.
Eden was fortunate to be given time to present Dr Goodall with a drawing that she had made herself, and was thrilled with her once in a lifetime opportunity.

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