Day 1 at Toyama Daiichi High School


The first day in our sister school started with a meeting in the staff room. We all had to make a short speech in Japanese to introduce ourselves to the staff. The students were much better at speaking Japanese than Mr Chester!

Mr Chester and Mrs McKenzie were introduced to the Principal, Mr Motoyoshi, when they arrived and we have been given a room in the school for us to meet and leave our bags between classes.

We had a very busy morning, starting with a school tour and then we participated in 2 English classes before our lunch break. This was a great opportunity for the Japanese students to practice their English. The students in the first class taught us some origami and each of us made a paper crane.

We spent the last 2 sessions of the day in a music class, working on rhythm and beats using our bodies, and the Japanese students sang several songs for us.

The students from LSC were very well looked after by their host families over the weekend, and their host brothers and sisters took them off to the canteen for lunch today.

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