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Over the past 4 weeks our Year 9 students have been involved in The ‘Baby Think It Over Program’. This program is designed to give students a taste of what it is like to care for a newborn baby. The project takes place over 3 days and 2 nights, designed to make students juggle their baby, sporting commitments, jobs and school work. Students are required to note their babies movements into their ‘baby booklet’ and document all areas of the experience. The booklet also includes what to expect with both their robot baby and real babies, how much a baby costs and information on the reproductive system. Students are assessed on their reflection of the experience, the challenges they met and what they have learnt from the experience.  


I sat with Miss Sophie Taratuta, the Health and P.E. Leader at LSC who runs the program, to ask her some questions.

Q- “What are the benefits of having the experience with the robot baby?”

A- “Students have the opportunity to experience a real insight into parenting. Learning to prioritise work, study and play.”


Q- “Do you remember doing anything similar while you were in school?”

A- “Yes, a much older model of the baby, but instead of having small devices on your wrist, we had a key to unlock our babies.”


Q- “What would you consider to be the most challenging part of this program”

A- “Having the baby at all times! Needing to juggle things like sport and making decisions around its wellbeing (getting enough sleep as well!).”


Q- “What would you consider to be the most rewarding part of this program?”

A- “Knowing that you completed a challenge that took a lot of commitment. It is also a task that takes a lot of maturity and students who can walk away saying they feel more prepared and proud of their efforts are rewarded the most in the future”.

Thanks to Ms Taratuta and all of the Health and PE staff at LSC for running the program for our Year 9 students.

-Eden Free


  1. Alisha on 13 June 2018 at 10:43 am

    miss this place so much and a shout out to Eden free the most greatest person I the world thankyou for all your help!

  2. Zela on 26 June 2018 at 6:49 pm

    A great program teaching young people about the challenges, responsibilities and reality of having a child. Well written Eden.

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