​Students’ Monthly Feature – RESILIENCE IN A YEAR OF COVID-19


Ayanna Cashmore – year 7
At the start of this year, I was excited about taking the leap into high school. Something I enjoyed was learning different and new topics like humanities and science, this was very interesting. Overall, I have to admit that the first term was overwhelming as it was so different to what I was used to at primary school. I struggled mostly with movement between classes and finding the right classrooms in time, I know I am hardworking but I get anxious. One way I dealt with this was to jot down lessons and rooms on my hand and then I could quickly look to see where to go. This helped me keep organised and calm.
When Covid-19 and lockdown hit, I realised quickly that learning from home was the new norm and I would need to adapt. Not having friends around to check in with meant that I would have to be organised using Google Classroom and Compass.  I would need to work harder to keep on track with lessons and assignments. During remote learning, I was actually onsite which I found to be okay. I think I am quite a resilient person; many close family and friends have dealt with a few life challenges over the years and have persisted through these. They have shown me how to cope with setbacks.
Next year, it will be great to be at school all the time, in class with my friends and teachers- a normal year where I can make the most of being there!
Luke Murphy- year 8
Three words to sum up 2020 for me are “ crazy, Covid, unpredictable!”
I will never forget our first online lesson during remote learning, it was chaos for everyone with students shouting over each other ” where is the google classroom link? I can’t hear you! it is not working!” It was a big learning curve to understand quickly how google classrooms worked and how to mark our attendance. Also, it was hard at home with timings of classes. At first, I would sometimes be watching TV/Netflix and would forget about the time. For Xmas, I had been brought a great watch so I set alerts on it to keep me to time. I almost missed lessons but never did, I relied alot on my watch and realised I needed to get early to classes. Another issue was how slow our wi-fi was at home, the teacher might ask me a question – all I could hear was mumble jumble and then it would glitch. I ended up using my own data through my mobile plan. I kept in touch with my friends a lot during isolation through facetime and chat, this helped me. A nice thing was that sometimes mum would make me lunch at home! Generally, I am the sort of person who likes to deal with problems as they pop up, it keeps my head clear so I think I am quite resilient.
For 2021, three words I would like for the next school year are “adventure, Covid-free, learning “
Angus Clark – year 12
My resilience was tested time and time again this year, whether it was academic, personal or otherwise. At the time, two periods of remote learning seemed quite devastating on my drive to continue learning. The forced distance also put a strain on my relationship with my girlfriend. The stress of Covid-19 and being in lockdown also made it difficult, at times, to follow through with my other school responsibilities (running the “It’s Debatable” club, being on school council etc). For me, sitting by and letting myself give up felt like it was never an option. What kept me going was keeping an eye on my goals and where I wanted to be in the future (to get into university to do a Bachelor of Arts, to aim to be Dux of the year and to help to improve the school environment). My way of showing resilience I suppose was to keep asking myself, “how important are my goals and a successful future?” By constantly realigning my actions with my goals, I felt I coped well during Covid-19 as I did well with my studies, became better known throughout the school and I also tried to remember to show kindness and respect to others, during what has been a tough year.

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